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Spring is coming. Dafodils overun the wood above the cottage


Early april in the forests of Herbeumont.

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Red hooligans in the garden


Thieves of hazelnuts came this autumn !

But where is the police :-)

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Trail Station in the heart of the Ardenne at Herbeumont

With tracks from 8 to 30 km, enjoy trail in the heart of the Semois valley.

Trail station, trail circuits with some technical singletracks and training circuits, workshops, events, ... are waiting for you at Herbeumont.


The site and the tracks are permanently open.

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Herbeumont - excellent start for the Fortifications trail

As explained by Visit Ardenne, "given its position at the crossroads of the Germanic and Latin parts of Europe, the Ardennes region is strewn with evidence of its tumultuous and violent past. The powerful fortresses which tower over the landscape from high rocky outcrops have given rise to myths and legends. Their thick walls bear witness to a thousand years of sieges, wars and pillage.


Bouillon, Herbeumont, Sedan and Montcornet still echo to the clash of swords and the songs of minstrels.


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Bonfire at Herbeumont : the spring is back

The bonfire / grand-feu was celebrating the spring equinox on March 28 at Herbeumont. 


That's the evidence that the spring is back !

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The Abbeys Trail - (re)discover Orval

In the early Middle Ages, the Ardennes Forest was an inhospitable region of wild beauty that offered an ideal place for solitude and reflection to hermits and monks. Abbeys were founded in the most inaccessible valleys, such as Saint-Hubert, Orval, ...

Do you know that Herbeumont is on the Abbeys Trail ? This trail will guide you to discover or rediscover the Orval Abbey.

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Birds in the garden

Winter is a good time to observe the birds in the garden.


Blackbirds, tits, robins, sparrows, magpies, chaffinchs, jays and even buzzards are some visitors of our garden.


Discover them with Guide from Natagora edited for the "recensement des oiseaux de jardin" the first week-end of February.

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Winter Snow at the Woody End

Winter is coming at Herbeumont.

The Woody End cottage is under the snow.

See some pictures of the cottage and the village.

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