Regional Agenda

The province of Luxembourg is adorned with the title of "land of festivals " , it is a region where people like to gather and celebrate. Festival artists Chassepière, storytelling festival in Chiny, agricultural fair in Libramont , Gaume Jazz Festival in Rossignol, large bonfire in Herbeumont, rutting deer in Cugnon, musical ballads in Florenville, flea market in Sainte -Cécile, farmer's market in Orgeo or Florenville ...


Herbeumont is also a good starting point for exploring traces of the frontier battle that raged in the region in 1914 and to participate in the commemoration of the Great War 1914 to 1918 in the province of Luxembourg and the border region on the French side.


To make your selection, check out the excellent regional agenda which is regularly updated by the Land of Bouillon and Semois and the events and markets from the Tourist Federation of Belgian Luxembourg.