The rooms

Semois Room

South side, the room Semois is all in white.

  • 1 bed, 180 cm, with a thick mattress, Modular 2 twin beds
  • a large shelf, convenient to drop your bags and travel bags

Forest Room

Located on the east side near by the forest

  • twin beds, 90 cm
  • a large wardrobe

Cabin Room

Cabin Room Room located in the attic, with a log cabin atmosphere.
It is only available if necessary and, as an extra option, upon request

  • twin beds, 90 cm
  • a clothes storage
  • a table / desk and his chair
  • a willow armchair


  • at your disposal: large and small quilts for summer or winter and
    some pillows in various sizes
  • on request: bed for a baby and sheets 180 cm wide
  • to bring: your towels and sheets
    (attention, bed widths are 90 cm or 180 cm wide - king size)