To do, to enjoy ... Herbeumont and surroundings

Activities , sports or otherwise

  • Hiking. There are hundreds of kilometers of trails in the forest or along the Semois. There are more than 10 marked walks in the area of the village plus many other walks in the surrounding communities and suggested itineraries departing on foot or by car from the cottage.
  • Cycling / mountain biking. There are 4 mountain bike trails to Herbeumont which are set up on old unused railway lines between Bertrix - Herbeumont - Muno and its viaduct.
  • Trail running. Herbeumont is the "Station de trail" of the Ardennes, to make discover the best landscapes and tracks to novices and experienced runners.
  • Fishing on the Semois : trout, pike , perch, ...
  • Swimming: natural beaches. Notably, at the mouth of the Antrogne ...
  • Aviation ( Herbeumont )
  • Kayak and rafting ( Chiny )
  • Horse riding (St- Médard )

Historical and architectural heritage Herbeumont

  • castle from the twelfth century , destroyed by the troops of Louis XIV
  • chapel of St. Roch, built against the plague in the seventeenth century
  • the “lavoir de la Charbonnière” from the nineteenth century.
  • waterwheel at the Willaime mill
  • old viaduct on the Semois
  • stone paths ...

And in the region :

The slate of Bertrix and Herbeumont, the fairy castle in Bertrix , nature reserve on the ponds of Epioux, the view from Chassepierre and Frahan, the “Roche à l'Appel à Muno », the abbey of Orval , the Gallo-Roman site “Chameleux”, the Museum of Celtic at Libramont, the castle and animal park in Bouillon, the Corbio Museum of tobacco, the road of the tobacco barns , the tomb of the “Giant of Botassart”, the museum of rural life in Saint- Hubert, the village Redu known for its rare books , “Euro Space Center” in Transinne, the museum of the battle of the Bulge in Bastogne, home of legends in Piconrue, the medieval fortress of Sedan, the Rimbaud museum in Charleville -Mézières, ...


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